4 Ways to Show Kindness Right Now

4 Ways to Show Kindness Right Now

4 Ways to Show Kindness Right Now

We don't want to wait one more day before prioritizing giving in our home. If we want our kids to grow up to be kind adults, we have to start teaching them now. Helping them look outside themselves and see the opportunities in their every day life! 

Below are a few of our favorite ideas to jumpstart kindness right now!

1. Drop flowers at the door... ring the doorbell, and run!

It’s doorbell ditching, except with kids AND adults and flowers. There is nothing better than seeing their face light up as they race back to the car after ringing the bell and dropping off flowers. Kids smile from ear to ear, and the receiver feels exceptionally special.

Wrap a bright ribbon around wildflowers, and voila!

2. Write a note or color a picture

Think back to a moment when someone took the time to write you a letter. Didn't it make your whole day? Even if it took the person 2 minutes from start to finish, it created a memory that would not be forgotten.

3. Start a Kindness Chain! 

Combine the fun of a paper chain with ready to go service ideas... and voila,  you have kids excited about kindness. It's colorful, it's fun, and it takes the brainwork out of thinking up a new idea every day. 

4. Leave a post-it on their pillow or door

Want to spark kindness around you? Start by sparking it inside your home. A surprise post-it on a pillow, door, or mirror is bound to make them smile.

If you want to leave a legacy of kindness, let’s start by teaching our kids to be kind.

Together we can impact our home, community, and world!

To get more ideas about kindness and giving, download one of our service lists!