What is "The Kindness Chain"?

What is "The Kindness Chain"?

What is "The Kindness Chain"?

What is the "Kindness Chain"?  First of all, great question. Allow us to explain. 

Over the years you have emailed us asking us to help you keep the giving going throughout the year. We've spent years trying to come up with something that would help families prioritize giving throughout the week, month, year, but... nothing. 

We've had decent ideas that we've scrapped. Why? Because we wouldn't use them ourselves. If we wouldn't use it in our own family, how on earth could we bring it to you? 

About a year ago we put our heads together again and really tried to create something that would help. After what felt like a MILLION conversations with each other and with our kids, we finally landed on the Kindness Chain.  It went through many color versions. We went back and forth on how many service ideas to include. BACK AND FORTH on colors, design, and size. Ultimately, we relied on our best test group. Our own kids. 

They helped us take this idea and bring it to life. And make sure it was something other kids would love too. 

From what we have heard so far from our other "testers", they can't get started quickly enough. Even our Photographer, who helped us get all the great images, said "I could barely get photos of it before my kids wanted to start putting it up". 

But anyway, here's how The Kindness Chain works. 

Start your chain: start at the top, the bottom or the middle.  Find a kindness idea that excited you and start there.  Make it your goal to complete that act of kindness at some point that day.  Once that act is complete, grab a stapler or tape and create your first link. 

Build your chain: Each day find a new link, complete that act of kindness. You’ve shown love, you lifted someone else. Grow your chain one link at a time, one act of service at a time⁣

Link that chain: Families everywhere creating chains of kindness link us all together with love. Once your chain is complete send us a picture, tag us on social media or send us a DM. For each photo of a complete chain we will donate $1 to a charity we’ve selected for that month. ⁣

We can't wait to see you start giving.