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Hi friend. We’re Lisa and Allison.

We started our journey when we created The Giving Manger!

Welcome to our sister brand, Giving Kind! We wanted to create a special space, where can share products that families love to use year round!

Our parents raised us to notice people who felt left out. They taught us that kindness can actually change someone’s life. They taught us to notice opportunities to give even when we didn’t feel like it. It changed our lives and we wanted to make sure to teach our own kids the same things.

Between the two of us we have 6 kids (Lisa has one son, Allison has five kids). We really wanted them to be the giving kind of kids. We wanted them to understand how good it feels to show kindness. We wanted our homes to be intentional about giving.

Every product we create is to help our own kids experience the power of giving.
The world needs kindness and we know it starts in our homes.

When you send an email, place an order, or tag us on social media, we see it.

Thank you for supporting our business.
We’re so glad you’re here.