The Kindness Chain - Classroom Edition


The Kindness Chain - Classroom Edition is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Teachers inspire their students to create a colorful chain in the classroom as they complete 50 acts of kindness!  Each paper strip includes a simple and fun idea that can be done individually or together as a classroom.

Watch your chain grow... each time your students finish the kind act on your link, you can add it to the ever growing chain.  When you finish, it creates a beautiful display of all the kindness you have shown to others! Display it in your classroom or link it to other classes to create a giant chain!

The world needs more kindness and we know it can start in our classrooms. Let's start a chain reaction of kindness in our schools that spreads into our communities and homes!

Keep the Kindness Going... Once the chain is complete you can take it apart, one link at a time and start the kind deeds all over again!